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Help us raise funds and friends for NBCC!

Friend-raising provides an easy way to celebrate, honor and share your connection with breast cancer—and turn it into action. Start your own personal fund and encourage friends and family to join us in our mission to know how to end breast cancer.

Friends that donate a minimum of $35 - the cost of an annual membership - will receive our Call to Action print newsletter with updates on breast cancer research and legislation, discounts on conference registration and information on other training opportunities and special events. We will also send e-mail alerts about vital advocacy opportunities.

Your fundraising efforts will support our aggressive advocacy and lobbying to increase federal funding for breast cancer research and guaranteed access to quality care and treatment for all.

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Tips for Success

  • Choose a creative name for your fund (i.e. Jane's Friend-raising Fund).
  • Upload a picture.
  • Share a compelling story of why NBCC is important to you.
  • Set an achievable fundraising goal. For example, if 10 friends donate $35 each, you can easily raise $350.
  • Use "My Action Center" to send customized e-mails to ask friends, family and others to visit your page and donate.
  • Share the link to your fund on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
  • Track your progress. Send reminder e-mails and personalized thank you notes.

Questions? Contact the Development Department at (202) 973-0571 or